About SRCF

Scale Rc Flight was an idea that occurred to me approaching the end of 2015.  I have seen many different websites that offer different paths towards the world of R/C.  My goal for this website is to really discuss the scale aspect of the R/C world.  It doesn’t matter if its planes, boats, or tanks.  If its scale, I want people to be able to discuss there ideas and post there problems they may be having.

I started into R/C as a small boy watching my dad build and fly scale planes.  I cant remember much before the age of 4 but I do remember my first plane that I got from my dad.  I remember him pulling up in front of our house and I leaned in to his truck to see a box with a Cessna 182 on the front.  It was a Cox Cessna 182 2 channel .049 powered plane.  I was hooked on scale after that.  Since then, I have had many planes, but 90% of them have been scale.

My goal for this website is for everyone to share their passion for scale of the R/C hobby.